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Sepp Holzer

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About Sepp Holzer

Sepp Holzer (born July 24, 1942 in Ramingstein, Province of Salzburg, Austria) is a farmer, author, and an international consultant for natural agriculture. He took over his parents' mountain farm business in 1962 and pioneered the use of ecological farming, or permaculture, techniques at high altitudes (1100 to 1500 meters above sea level) after being unsuccessful with regular farming methods.

Holzer was called the "rebel farmer" because he persisted, despite being fined and even threatened with prison, with practices such as not pruning his fruit trees (unpruned fruit trees survive snow loads that will break pruned trees). He has created some of the world's best examples of using ponds as reflectors to increase solar gain for Passive solar heating of structures, and of using the microclimate created by rock outcrops to effectively change the hardiness zone for nearby plants. He has also done original work in the use of Hugelkultur and natural branch development instead of pruning to allow fruit trees to survive high altitudes and harsh winters.

His expanded farm - the Krameterhof - now spans over 45 hectares of forest gardens, including 70 ponds, and is said to be the most consistent example of permaculture worldwide. In 2009 Sepp Holzer left the Krameterhof in the hands of his son Josef Andreas Holzer. Since 2013 Sepp Holzer lives on his new farm - the Holzerhof farm - in the Burgenland, Austria. He is currently conducting permaculture ("Holzer Permaculture") seminars both at his Holzerhof farm and worldwide. 

He is author of several books, works nationally as permaculture-activist in the established agricultural industry, and works internationally as adviser for ecological agriculture.

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New Event in 2017!

Permaculture Seminar with Sepp Holzer in the Mandalagarten in April 4 - 9, 2017 (Germany, about 2 hours from Frankfurt)

"Ask Nature, ask you land, your water, your animals, whether they feel good under your guidance."
Sepp Holzer

This basic principle characterizes the seminars of Sepp Holzer, the coryphaeus of permaculture from Austria. It is about sustainable methods of gardening and landscaping that align with the given local conditions.

In Spring 2016 Sepp Holzer already has given a seminar at the Mandala Garden ‘Auf den Schwarzenbacher Gärten’ (approx.1 hectare, 2.5 acres): The garden was re-shaped with hugel (hill shaped beds) cultures, terracing and a water retention area (a swimming pond without a liner).

In the seminar of 2017 the remodeling of the garden will be continued: 

the targets now include the construction of a crater garden.

This element of Holzer's Permaculture provides ideal conditions for a variety of plants to grow in a tight room: at the deepest point where the water is collecting and above – well moisturized due to the drainage water and the humidity –  at the southern slope is the ideal location for eggplants, peaches, tomatoes and other warmth-loving species. Through the designing of different levels of elevation different habitats result for a multitude of animals and plants.

Apart from that a Holzer’s raised bed (= a terraced earth wall) will be constructed which will be planted with fruit woods on the top and with healing plants at the southern slope. 

Sepp Holzer is known for a vivid and clear manner of conveying his knowledge and experience. Living and economizing in harmony with nature is very important to him. A significant basis of Holzer’s Permaculture / Agricultural ecology is the recognition of the naturally given conditions and aspects of the area and the direction of nature’s cycles that must be taken into account so that a lively, healthy ecosystem is realized. Sepp Holzer combines his exceptional wealth of experience with a sensitivity to the location, thus creating conditions for a rich abundant harvest and biodiversity. 

Important topics will be:


  • Recognition of the local conditions -> Design possibilities 
  • Construction of a big crater garden
  • Construction of a Holzer ‘Hügel’ (hill) bed
  • Practical knowledge about vegetable gardening at the hügel bed (constructed during the seminar of 2016)
  • Practical advice regarding the gardening of vegetables, medical plants and mushrooms on the terraces (constructed during the seminar of 2016)
  • Seeds, seed extraction and variety of seeds 
  • Cycles in nature 
  • Further development and configuration of the overall concept of the Mandala Garden (Teaching and adventure garden, community project with solidary agriculture, seminar location)

The seminar is from Tuesday at 10am to Sunday at 1pm with Sepp Holzer from Austria. 

The seminar fee is 750 Euros (a translator for English-speaking seminar participants is on site).

Source of the original website: http://ethnobotanisches-institut.de/seminar-sepp-holzer   

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EthnobotanischesInstitut?ref=hl 

Venue: www.aufdenschwarzenbachergaerten.de 


Contact to register via email is: info(at)ethnobotanisches-institut.de 

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